BORE — 30


I am, by no means, a musician. But I grew up surrounded by them: my father and older brother, who are both multi-instrumentalists, and the several musicians they've played with throughout their life. So, growing up, I had a pretty big incentive to pick up a guitar and dedicate part of my life to it. For some reason though, I never did. It seemed as though, for any sort of activity to pick my interest, it had to somehow be connected to a computer. So when a friend of mine introduced me to electronic music back in high school, something clicked. All throughout my teenage years, I spent most of my free time experimenting with Fruity Loops and, even though I never made a career out of it, I've always looked back fondly at those long afternoons. Even as I was studying to become a designer, and especially after I've started working as one—at a time when I forgot what it meant to have free time.

It was not until I turned thirty that I decided I wanted to have afternoons like those again.

To be immersed in my own world, headphones on, time flying out the window. So I set up a small studio in my home office and restarted making music. I'm still rusty and trying to get the hang of it again (switching to Ableton Live meant I had to re-learn a lot of things) but I forced myself to send something out into the world before I turned 31. So on October 30th 2017 I released a small EP, under the name BORE. I called it 30. It's an homage to turning thirty and being scared shitless but still feeling insanely grateful and happy to be alive.

It's made up of 3½ instrumental tracks I composed and produced over the course of two months back in 2017. It's available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and Bandcamp.

Cover art for the EP 30, by BORE

The cover art is a small illustration I repurposed from an abandoned side project of mine, which I felt fit the tone of the record perfectly.